About Us

About Us

Wood Industry with long experience

Since the middle of the 1990-ies BT Seven has produced a great amount of different wood articles.

For packaging purpose we produce a lot of standard wood products such as pallets, plywood- and wood boxes, crates etc.

We also produce different construction components and furniture details to these industries.

We have long experience in commanding/claiming/consuming just-in time deliveries where delivery safety/guarantee and reliability are key factors to retain/keep a contract for a longer period.

We produce your wood products according to your drawings or we suggest a solution to your problem. Nothing is unfamiliar/foreign/strange to us – so please welcome with your request.

Wood packing complying with ISPM 15

For wood packing deliveries outside of EU there are quality regulations on wood heat treatment to kill noxious insects. This regulation is called ISMP 15 and approval of the wood packing producer, and continuously inspections of its production, is fulfilled by each country´s controlling authority.

BT Seven Oü is licensed by the Estonian agriculture department with the license number EE 931 and our products can be exported all around the world.

Located to cover a huge distribution area

Our company is located 40 km south of Tallinn along the main road to Tartu. With the new highway we have fast access to Tallinn and other parts of Estonia.

From Tallinn’s harbor there are several departures per day to Finland and Sweden which decrease the transportation time to hours or over-night-distribution.